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Happy New Decade!

A profound Thank you to supporters of CFCA and to all Fire Chaplains who tirelessly serve their community's fire fighters and their families. CFCA has ambitious goals for 2020. Read on to discover how this involves you.
Happy New Decade!

Happy New Year!

Dear Chaplains and Fire Families:

The Colorado Fire Chaplains Association (CFCA) wishes you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and New Decade! Thank you for your support and encouragement of your Chaplains. Chaplains, thank you for your tireless perseverance on behalf of fire families.  You have no idea how much you help.  The impact of your spiritual care is far reaching.  Your eternal rewards will reflect your dedication (2 Corinthians 5:10).

The CFCA is experiencing a great metamorphosis.  We are building a new website designed for greater interactivity and value to CFCA members.  We are developing a set of standards for membership (Fire Families deserve the highest quality spiritual care and full engagement in our profession).  These new standards may include tiered levels of Chaplain competencies based on education, life-experience and skills (with commensurate substantiation).  Please help.  We need your input for the formation and credulity of this initiative.

CFCA goals for 2020:

  1. Increase CFCA membership by providing quality resources, the value of which far exceeds annual dues.  Please join or renew soon.
  2. Provide access to quality continuing education (online and classroom). 
  3. Co-host certified CISM Training (by ICISF approved instructors) in June.  The savings of this FREE training is equal to 5 years of dues. DON'T MISS IT!  Watch the website for details.  If you are supporting the CFCA with your time or dues, (or would like to begin!), we will be able to ensure you are notified of particulars in time to secure a seat.  These classes usually fill up well in advance.
  4. Provide the Federation of Fire Chaplains' "Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy" class in April.  Chaplains, this is a great opportunity to recruit others interested in serving as a fire chaplain, even if only to explore what fire chaplaincy is all about.
  5. Host group sessions for chaplains to collaborate and sharpen skills.  One idea, similar to professional CPE training, is that each chaplain would bring a case study of recent personal experience (no identifying info ever disclosed).  Fellow Chaplains then graciously critique and offer thoughts.  Participants also reflect on the theological implications of the experience.  Chaplains are comforting companions, yes, only much more.  Chaplains are Professional Spiritual Care Providers.  Our diligent efforts toward continual improvement must reflect that.

    One Chaplain put it this way, "our performance must reflect the highest in character, compassion AND skills.  Pro sports players practice regularly (under critique of a coach) even though they are the world's best. Why? To improve and sharpen their "game."  The "game" of chaplaincy is far more significant.  We should train like we believe that."

These Goals are ambitious and will only be achieved with your support.

All Chaplains are encouraged to attend the CFCA Annual Meeting on Saturday January 18, 2020 at 10:30 am at Saint Francis of Assisi Church 2746 Fifth St. Castle Rock. We will discuss CFCA financials, these aspirations and a few other issues.  Hope to see you there!


May your 2020 be your year of greatest growth,

Ron Biegler, CFCA President