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June 16-19, 2020 Event:

Several quality CISM classes will be offered:

  • June 16-18, the renowned GRIN class by ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation).  Taught by ICISF instructor, KC Peterson (Retired Fire Captain and Chaplain).  GRIN stands for the combination of two, 2-day classes into one intense 3-day class (Group Crisis Intervention and Assisting Individuals in Crisis).  Certificates of completion will be provided through the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  These are the foundational courses to understanding and implementing the ICISF's model of CISM, the only model sanctioned by the United Nations.
  • June 16-17, (MSC) Managing School Crises (an ICISF class).  Taught by Rev. Dr. Naomi Paget BCC, FBI Chaplain and Crisis Interventionist.   You will learn the "Standard of Care" as it relates to school crisis management using the CISM as a model. Certificates of completion will be provided through the University of Maryland Baltimore County.
  • June 18, (OSFA) Operational Stress First Aid.  Taught by Rev. Dr. Naomi Paget BCC.  OSFA teaches psychological first aid to first responders and others who are susceptible to stress injury.  OSFA was originally developed by Department of Defense for the Marines.
  • June 19, Enhancing Resilience. Taught by Rev. Dr. Naomi Paget BCC.  This class describes ways to build responder resilience, how spiritual resilience has transforming power for the responder and how to mitigate distress through spiritual resilience.
  • June 19, Building and Maintaining a CISM Team.  Taught by KC Peterson. This class how to: Identify potential leaders for a CISM team, Identify agencies that will be served or collaborated with and Tactics and techniques to start and maintain a CISM team.

CFCA is cosponsoring the cost of venue for these classes. The majority of these costs are paid for by generous donors to K-Love's Crisis Response Care Program.

These classes are highly valuable, using the ICISF model of CISM.  At ICISF regional trainings one would typically pay $200 or more for each day of class.  These sessions are being paid for 100% by K-Love, a charitable organization supported by donors world-wide.  K-Love's (CRT) Crisis Response Care Training core seeks to provide Chaplains, First Responders, Mental Health Professionals and Crisis Responders with the highest quality crisis mitigation training available. Learn more and support K-Love at